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10.10. Proxy server memcache configuration

Find an example memcache configuration for the proxy server at etc/memcache.conf-sample in the source code repository.
The available configuration options are:

Table 10.63.  Description of configuration options for [memcache] in memcache.conf

Configuration option = Default valueDescription
connect_timeout = 0.3 Timeout in seconds (float) for connection
io_timeout = 2.0 Timeout in seconds (float) for read and write
memcache_max_connections = 2 Max number of connections to each memcached server per worker services
memcache_serialization_support = 2 Sets how memcache values are serialized and deserialized
memcache_servers = Comma-separated list of memcached servers ip:port services
pool_timeout = 1.0 Timeout in seconds (float) for pooled connection
tries = 3 Number of servers to retry on failures getting a pooled connection