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Chapter 4. Configuration file editor

The openstack-config client is the command-line interface (CLI) for the and its extensions. This chapter documents openstack-config version 0.5.
For help on a specific openstack-config command, enter:
$ openstack-config help COMMAND

4.1. openstack-config usage

 Usage: crudini --set [OPTION]... config_file section [param] [value] crudini --get [OPTION]... config_file [section] [param] crudini --del [OPTION]... config_file section [param] [list value] crudini --merge [OPTION]... config_file [section]

4.2. openstack-config optional arguments

For --set, --del and --merge, fail if item is missing, where WHAT is 'file', 'section', or 'param', or if not specified; all specifed items.
For --get, select the output FMT. Formats are sh,ini,lines
Lock and write files in place. This is not atomic but has less restrictions than the default replacement method.
For --set and --del, update a list (set) of values
Delimit list values with "STR" instead of " ,"
Write output to FILE instead. '-' means stdout
Indicate on stderr if changes were made