Chapter 10. Deploying with Key Manager

If you have deployed edge sites previous to the release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.1.2, you will need to regenerate roles.yaml to implement this feature: To implement the feature, regenerate the roles.yaml file used for the DCN site’s deployment.

$ openstack overcloud roles generate DistributedComputeHCI DistributedComputeHCIScaleOut -o ~/dcn0/roles_data.yaml

10.1. Deploying edge sites with Key Manager

If you want to include access to the Key Manager (barbican) service at edge sites, you must configure barbican at the central location. For information on installing and configuring barbican, see Deploying Barbican.

  • You can configure access to barbican from DCN sites by including the /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/barbican-edge.yaml.

    openstack overcloud deploy \
        --stack dcn0 \
        --templates /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/ \
        -r ~/dcn0/roles_data.yaml \
        -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/barbican-edge.yaml