Chapter 1. All-in-one Red Hat OpenStack Platform installation

The all-in-one installation method uses TripleO to deploy Red Hat OpenStack Platform and related services with a simple, single-node environment. Use this installation to enable proof-of-concept, development, and test deployments on a single node with limited or no follow-up operations.


This feature is available in this release as a Technology Preview, and therefore is not fully supported by Red Hat. It should only be used for testing, and should not be deployed in a production environment. For more information about Technology Preview features, see Scope of Coverage Details.

1.1. Prerequisites

  • Your system must have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 base operating system installed.
  • Your system must have two network interfaces so that internet connectivity is not disrupted while TripleO configures the second interface.
  • Your system must have 4 CPUs, 8GB RAM, and 30GB disk space.

Example network configuration

  • Interface eth0 assigned to the default network Use this interface for general connectivity. This interface must have internet access.
  • Interface eth1 assigned to the management network TripleO uses this interface for the OpenStack services.