Chapter 4. Deploying and updating an overcloud with containers

This chapter provides info on how to create a container-based overcloud and keep it updated.

4.1. Deploying an overcloud

This procedure demonstrates how to deploy an overcloud with minimum configuration. The result will be a basic two-node overcloud (1 Controller node, 1 Compute node).


  1. Source the stackrc file:

    $ source ~/stackrc
  2. Run the deploy command and include the file containing your overcloud image locations (usually overcloud_images.yaml):

    (undercloud) $ openstack overcloud deploy --templates \
      -e /home/stack/templates/overcloud_images.yaml \
  3. Wait until the overcloud completes deployment.

4.2. Updating an overcloud

For information on updating a containerized overcloud, see the Keeping Red Hat OpenStack Platform Updated guide.