Chapter 1. Firewall Rules for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

This document includes a link to the Red Hat OpenStack network flow matrix. The matrix describes network flows created by the director on Red Hat OpenStack Platform. These ports are used by services running on the overcloud. Use this information to help you define firewall rules.

1.1. Using the Red Hat OpenStack Network Flow Matrix

The network flow matrix is a comma separated values (CSV) file that describes flows to and from OpenStack services.


The network flow matrix describes common traffic flows. It does not describe every possible flow. Some flows that are not described in this matrix might be critical to operation. For instance, if you block all traffic and then selectively open only the flows described here, you might unintentionally block a necessary flow. That could cause issues that are difficult to troubleshoot.


  1. Use the following link to download the matrix:

    Red Hat OpenStack Network Flows.

    For instance, right click the link and choose Save link as.

  2. Use the information in the file to help you formulate firewall rules. The matrix describes flows in the following columns.

    The OpenStack service.
    Transmission protocol.
    Dest. Port
    Destination port.
    Source Object
    Source of data.
    Dest. Object
    Destination of data.
    Source/Dest Pairs
    Valid source and destination pairs.
    Dest. Network
    Destination network.
    ServiceNetMap Parent
    Determines the network type used for each service.
    Traffic Description
    Notes about the traffic flow.