Chapter 3. Upgrading the undercloud from OpenStack Platform version 15 to 16.1

To upgrade the undercloud from OpenStack Platform version 15 to 16.1, you must perform a procedure that is used for a minor update of a containerized undercloud. During this procedure you update the undercloud toolset, core Heat template collection, and the undercloud environment.

3.1. Performing a minor update of a containerized undercloud

Director provides commands that you can use to update the main packages on the undercloud node. This allows you to upgrade your OpenStack Platform version 15 environment to version 16.1.


  1. Log in to the director as the stack user.
  2. Run dnf to upgrade the director main packages:

    $ sudo dnf update -y python3-tripleoclient* openstack-tripleo-common openstack-tripleo-heat-templates tripleo-ansible ansible
  3. The director uses the openstack undercloud upgrade command to update the undercloud environment. Run the command:

    $ openstack undercloud upgrade
  4. Wait until the undercloud upgrade process completes.
  5. Reboot the undercloud to update the operating system’s kernel and other system packages:

    $ sudo reboot
  6. Wait until the node boots.

3.2. Undercloud Post-Upgrade Notes

  • If you use a local set of core templates in your stack users home directory, ensure you update the templates using the recommended workflow in Using Customized Core Heat Templates in the Advanced Overcloud Customization guide. You must update the local copy before upgrading the overcloud.

3.3. Next Steps

The undercloud upgrade is complete. You can now upgrade the overcloud.