Chapter 6. Removing Service Telemetry Framework from the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environment

Remove Service Telemetry Framework (STF) from an Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environment if you no longer require the STF functionality.

To remove STF from the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environment, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Delete the namespace.
  2. Remove the cert-manager Operator.

6.1. Deleting the namespace

To remove the operational resources for STF from Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, delete the namespace.


  1. Run the oc delete command:

    $ oc delete project service-telemetry
  2. Verify that the resources have been deleted from the namespace:

    $ oc get all
    No resources found.

6.2. Removing the cert-manager Operator

If you are not using the cert-manager Operator for any other applications, delete the Subscription, ClusterServiceVersion, and CustomResourceDefinitions.


  1. Delete the Subscription from the openshift-cert-manager-operator namespace:

    $ oc delete --namespace=openshift-cert-manager-operator subscription openshift-cert-manager-operator "openshift-cert-manager-operator" deleted
  2. Retrieve the version number of your installed ClusterServiceVersion:

    $ oc get --namespace=openshift-cert-manager-operator subscription openshift-cert-manager-operator -oyaml | grep currentCSV

    Example output:

      currentCSV: openshift-cert-manager.v1.7.1
  3. Delete the ClusterServiceVersion from the openshift-cert-manager-operator namespace:

    $ oc delete --namespace=openshift-cert-manager-operator csv openshift-cert-manager.v1.7.1

    Example output: "openshift-cert-manager.v1.7.1" deleted
  4. Get the current list of CustomResourceDefinitions provided by the Operator so they can be deleted after removal of the ClusterServiceVersion:

    $ oc get csv -n openshift-cert-manager-operator openshift-cert-manager.v1.7.1 -oyaml | grep "kind: CustomResourceDefinition" -A2 | grep name | awk '{print $2}'

    Example output:
  5. Delete the CustomResourceDefinitions related to the cert-manager Operator:

    $ oc delete crd

    Example output: "" deleted "" deleted "" deleted "" deleted "" deleted "" deleted "" deleted "" deleted
  6. Delete the namespaces owned by the cert-manager Operator:

    $ oc delete project openshift-cert-manager openshift-cert-manager-operator

    Example output: "openshift-cert-manager" deleted "openshift-cert-manager-operator" deleted

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