Chapter 20. console

This chapter describes the commands under the console command.

20.1. console log show

Show server’s console output


openstack console log show [-h] [--lines <num-lines>] <server>

Table 20.1. Positional arguments



Server to show console log (name or id)

Table 20.2. Command arguments


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit

--lines <num-lines>

Number of lines to display from the end of the log (default=all)

20.2. console url show

Show server’s remote console URL


openstack console url show [-h] [-f {json,shell,table,value,yaml}]
                                  [-c COLUMN] [--noindent] [--prefix PREFIX]
                                  [--max-width <integer>] [--fit-width]
                                  [--novnc | --xvpvnc | --spice | --rdp | --serial | --mks]

Table 20.3. Positional arguments



Server to show url (name or id)

Table 20.4. Command arguments


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit


Show novnc console url (default)


Show xvpvnc console url


Show spice console url


Show rdp console url


Show serial console url


Show webmks console url

Table 20.5. Output formatter options


-f {json,shell,table,value,yaml}, --format {json,shell,table,value,yaml}

The output format, defaults to table

-c COLUMN, --column COLUMN

Specify the column(s) to include, can be repeated

Table 20.6. JSON formatter options



Whether to disable indenting the json

Table 20.7. Shell formatter options


--prefix PREFIX

Add a prefix to all variable names

Table 20.8. Table formatter options


--max-width <integer>

Maximum display width, <1 to disable. you can also use the CLIFF_MAX_TERM_WIDTH environment variable, but the parameter takes precedence.


Fit the table to the display width. implied if --max- width greater than 0. Set the environment variable CLIFF_FIT_WIDTH=1 to always enable


Print empty table if there is no data to show.