Chapter 7. Scaling hyperconverged nodes

To scale HCI nodes up or down, the same principles and methods for scaling Compute or Ceph Storage nodes apply.

7.1. Scaling Up

To scale up hyperconverged nodes in HCI environments follow the same procedure for scaling up non-hyperconverged nodes, as detailed in Adding nodes to the overcloud.


When you tag new nodes, remember to use the right flavor.

For information about how to scale up HCI nodes by adding OSDs to a Ceph Storage cluster, see Adding an OSD to a Ceph Storage node in Deploying an Overcloud with Containerized Red Hat Ceph.

7.2. Scaling Down


  1. Disable and rebalance the Ceph OSD services on the HCI node. This step is necessary because the director does not automatically rebalance the Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster when you remove HCI or Ceph Storage nodes.
  1. Migrate the instances from the HCI nodes. See Migrating Virtual Machines Between Compute Nodes in the Instances and Images guide.
  2. Disable the Compute services on the nodes to prevent new instances from being launched on the nodes.
  3. Remove the node from the overcloud.

For steps 3 and 4, see Removing Compute nodes.