Chapter 5. Mapping storage management network ports to NICs

The following procedure details how to map the storage management network ports to the physical NICs on your hyperconverged nodes.


  1. Copy the compute.yaml heat template file for your environment from the /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/network/config directory. The following options are available:

    • single-nic-vlans
    • single-nic-linux-bridge-vlans
    • multiple-nics
    • bond-with-vlans

      See the in each template’s directory for details on the NIC configuration.

  2. Create a new directory within `~/templates called nic-configs.
  3. Paste your copy of the compute.yaml template into ~/templates/nic-configs/ and rename it to compute-hci.yaml.
  4. Check the parameters: section of ~/templates/nic-configs/compute-hci.yaml for the following definition:

      default: 40
      description: Vlan ID for the storage mgmt network traffic.
      type: number

    Add the StorageMgmtNetworkVlanID definition if it is not already in the compute-hci.yaml file.

  5. Map StorageMgmtNetworkVlanID to a specific NIC on each HCI node. For example, if you chose to trunk VLANs to a single NIC, then add the following entry to the network_config: section of ~/templates/nic-configs/compute-hci.yaml:

              type: vlan
              device: em2
              mtu: 9000
              use_dhcp: false
              vlan_id: {get_param: StorageMgmtNetworkVlanID}
                  ip_netmask: {get_param: StorageMgmtIpSubnet}

    Set MTU to 9000 (jumbo frames) when mapping a NIC to StorageMgmtNetworkVlanID to improve the performance of Red Hat Ceph Storage. For more information, see Configure MTU Settings in Director and Configuring jumbo frames.

  6. Create a networking environment file called ~/templates/network.yaml.
  7. Add the following configuration to the network.yaml file:

    OS::TripleO::ComputeHCI::Net::SoftwareConfig: /home/stack/templates/nic-configs/compute-hci.yaml

    This file will be used later to invoke the customized Compute NIC template (~/templates/nic-configs/compute-hci.yaml) during overcloud deployment.

You can use ~/templates/network.yaml to define any networking parameters, or add any customized networking heat templates. For more information, see Custom network environment file in the Advanced Overcloud Customization guide.