Chapter 4. Testing Evacuation with Instance HA


The following procedure involves deliberately crashing a Compute node. Doing this forces the automated evacuation of instances through Instance HA.

  1. Boot one or more instances on the overcloud before crashing the Compute node that hosts the instances to test.

    stack@director $ . overcloudrc
    stack@director $ nova boot --image cirros --flavor 2 test-failover
    stack@director $ nova list --fields name,status,host
  2. Log in to the Compute node that hosts the instances, using the compute-n format.

    stack@director $ . stackrc
    stack@director $ ssh -l heat-admin compute-n
    heat-admin@compute-n $
  3. Crash the Compute node.

    heat-admin@compute-n $ echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger
  4. Wait a few minutes and then verify that these instances re-spawned on another Compute nodes.

    stack@director $ nova list --fields name,status,host
    stack@director $ nova service-list