Chapter 3. Accessing the high availability environment

You can access and investigate specific HA nodes from the undercloud.


  1. In a running HA environment, log in to the undercloud.
  2. Change to the stack user:

    # sudo su - stack
  3. To access and investigate an undercloud node, get the IP address of the node from the undercloud:

    (undercloud) $ source ~/stackrc
    (undercloud) $ openstack server list
     | ID    | Name                   |...| Networks             |...|
     | d1... | overcloud-controller-0 |...| ctlplane=** |...|
  4. To log in to one of the overcloud nodes, run the following commands:

    (undercloud) $ source ~/overcloudrc
    (overcloud) $ ssh [NODE_NAME]@[NODE_IP]

    Replace the name and IP address with the actual values from your deployment.