Chapter 3. Edit the Environment File

The environment file contains the back end settings that you must configure. It also contains settings relevant to the deployment of the Shared File Systems service.

For more information about environment files, see Environment Files in the Advanced Overcloud Customization guide.

This release includes an integrated environment file to define a native CephFS back end, and it contains default settings used to deploy the Shared File Systems service. This file is located in the following location on the undercloud node:



  1. Create an environment file to contain the required environmental settings:


    The following code snippet shows the default values used by director when it deploys the Shared File Systems service:

parameter_defaults: # 1
  ManilaCephFSNativeBackendName: cephfsnative
  ManilaCephFSNativeDriverHandlesShareServers: false # 2
  ManilaCephFSNativeCephFSConfPath: '/etc/ceph/ceph.conf' # 3
  ManilaCephFSNativeCephFSAuthId: 'manila' # 4
  ManilaCephFSNativeCephFSClusterName: 'ceph'
  ManilaCephFSNativeCephFSEnableSnapshots: true
The parameter_defaults header signifies the start of your configuration. Specifically, it allows you to override default values set in resource_registry. This includes values set by OS::Tripleo::Services::ManilaBackendCephFs, which sets defaults for a CephFS back end.
With ManilaCephFSNativeDriverHandlesShareServers set to false, the driver will not handle the lifecycle of the share server.
ManilaCephFSNativeCephFSConfPath: sets the path to the configuration file of the Ceph cluster.
ManilaCephFSNativeCephFSAuthId: is the Ceph auth ID that the director will create for share access.