Chapter 8. Launch a Cluster

Once you have a cluster template (see Chapter 7, Configure Cluster Templates), you can launch a cluster. To do so, open the Launch Cluster wizard. There are several ways to open this wizard:

  • Select Project > Data Processing > Cluster Templates. From there, select Launch Cluster from the Action drop-down menu of a template.
  • Select Project > Data Processing > Clusters. From there, click Launch Cluster; then, use the Plugin Name and Hadoop Version drop-down menus to select the name and version of the Hadoop plug-in that the cluster will use.

Afterwards, click Create. This will open the Launch Cluster wizard:

  1. In the Launch Cluster wizard, enter a name for the cluster in the Cluster Name field.
  2. Use the Description field to describe the cluster you are launching (optional).
  3. If you opened the Launch Cluster wizard through the Cluster table in Project > Data Processing > Clusters, you can use the Cluster Template drop-down menu to select a cluster template. You will only be able to select templates that are compatible with the Hadoop plug-in and version you selected earlier.
  4. Select a Hadoop image that the cluster should use from the Base Image drop-down menu. For details on creating and registering a Hadoop image, see ] and xref:registercomp[.
  5. If needed, select a key pair from the Keypair drop-down menu. You can also click + beside this menu to create a new key pair. While key pairs are not required to launch a cluster, you will need them to log into cluster nodes (for example, through SSH).

    For information on key pairs, see Manage Key Pairs.

  6. Select which network the cluster should use from the Neutron Management Network drop-down menu. For more details on adding and managing networks in OpenStack, see Common Administrative Tasks.
  7. Click Create to launch the cluster.

To view launched clusters, select Project > Data Processing > Clusters.

8.1. Scale or Delete a Cluster

OpenStack Data Processing allows you to easily scale an existing cluster to suit your resourcing needs. Scaling allows you to add or remove nodes of any type (or number) from a running cluster.

To view launched clusters, select Project > Data Processing > Clusters. You can scale or delete clusters from this page. For instructions on how to launch a cluster, see Chapter 8, Launch a Cluster.

To scale a cluster:

  1. On the Clusters table, choose a cluster to scale. Then, select Scale Cluster from that cluster’s Action drop-down menu. .Scale the cluster as necessary:

    • To add a new node type to the cluster, select its template from the Select a Node Group Template to add drop-down menu. Then, click the + button to add the node type to the cluster; you can then set how many nodes of that type should be added.
    • To add or remove nodes from an existing node group, use the + or - buttons on the node group’s row. Alternatively, you can simply set the number of nodes in the node group’s Count field.
  2. Click Scale.

To delete a cluster, select Delete Cluster from its Action drop-down menu. You can also delete multiple clusters by selecting their check boxes and clicking the Delete Clusters button.