Chapter 5. Test the Configured Back End

After you deploy the back end, test that you can successfully create volumes on it.


  1. Log in to the undercloud node as the stack user.
  2. Source the overcloudrc credentials file:

    $ source /home/stack/overcloudrc
  3. Create a new volume type that you can use to specify the new back end. Run the following command to create a volume type called netapp:

    $ cinder type-create netapp
  4. Map the new volume type to the new back end, tripleo_netapp , as defined through the CinderNetappBackendName parameter in Chapter 3, Define the Back End:

    $ cinder type-key netapp set volume_backend_name=tripleo_netapp
  5. Create a new 2GB volume on the new back end:

    $ cinder create --volume-type netapp 2

For more information, see Accessing the Overcloud in the Director Installation and Usage guide.