Chapter 2. Requirements

To test this feature, you need an existing Red Hat OpenStack Platform environment with an integrated Ceph back end. See the Deploying an Overcloud with Containerized Red Hat Ceph guide for instructions on how to deploy such an environment.

In addition, this scenario assumes that:

  • The Shared File System service will still be installed on the Controller nodes, as is the default behavior; and
  • You intend to only use a single instance of the Ceph File Sysem as the only back end for your Shared File System Service.

2.1. Limitations and Restrictions

Given the current state of the involved components, the test scenario in this document has the following limitations and restrictions:

  1. Untrusted instance users pose a security risk to the Ceph Storage cluster, as they would have direct access to the public network of the Ceph Storage cluster. Ensure that the cluster you are using is quarantined from the production environment, and that only trusted users have access to the test environment.
  2. This release only allows read-write access to shares.