Chapter 3. Getting into your OpenStack HA Environment

With the OpenStack HA environment running, log into your director (undercloud) system. Then, become the stack user by running:

# sudo su - stack

From there, you can interact with either the undercloud and overcloud by loading the corresponding environment variables.

To interact with the undercloud, run:

$ source ~/stackrc

To interact with the overcloud, run:

$ source ~/overcloudrc

For general information about accessing either the undercloud or the overcloud, see Accessing the Overcloud.

To access and investigate a node, first find out which IP addresses were assigned to them. This involves interacting with the undercloud:

$ source ~/stackrc
$ openstack server list
 | ID    | Name                   |...| Networks             |...|
 | d1... | overcloud-controller-0 |...| ctlplane= |...|

For reference, the director deployed the following names and addresses in our test environment:

NameIP Address



overcloud-controller-1 (virtual IP)







In your own test environment, even if you use the same address ranges, the IP addresses assigned to each node might be different.

After you determine the IP addresses of your overcloud nodes, you can run the following command to log into one of those nodes. Doing so involves interacting with the overcloud. For example, to log into overcloud-controller-0 as the heat-admin user, run:

$ ssh heat-admin@

After logging into a controller, compute, or storage system, you can begin investigating the HA features there.