Chapter 2. Requirements

The following sections assume that:

  • A NetApp storage controller is deployed and ready to be used as a back end.
  • You intend to use only one NetApp storage controller as a back end for your Shared File System service.
  • You can use the director installation user account, which is created as part of the overcloud deployment. See Preparing for director installation (from Director Installation and Usage) for more information.
  • The Shared File System service will still be installed on the Controller nodes, as is the default behavior.

This document will not discuss the different deployment configurations possible for your NetApp back end. Rather, to learn more about possible NetApp storage deployment configurations suitable for the Shared File System service, consult the upstream NetApp documentation (in particular, see Theory of Operation and Deployment Choices).

After mapping your target configuration (the settings you want for each NetApp back end), you can translate your configuration to a custom environment file. The director uses this file to orchestrate the configuration of your back ends and makes them persistent across overcloud updates.