Chapter 5. Create a Basic Share Type

Whenever you create a new share, you must specify a share type. If you don’t specify one, the share creation will fail.

Director does not support automatically configuring or creating the default share type during installation. However, director does set the manila.conf configuration option default_share_type to default. Deployers must create the default share type after the overcloud has been deployed.

To create a basic share type named default, run the following as the stack user on the undercloud:

$ source ~/overcloudrc
$ manila type-create default false

In the example, manila type-create default is false because there is no need for the NetApp driver to handle the life cycle of share servers. This is because we set ManilaNetappDriverHandlesShareServers to false in Chapter 3, Create the Environment File. Otherwise, if ManilaNetappDriverHandlesShareServers is set to true you can match the default share type to this. For more information about share types, see Creating and Managing Share Types (from the Red Hat OpenStack Platform Storage Guide).