Chapter 16. Configuring Direct Deploy

When provisioning nodes, the director mounts the overcloud base operating system image on an iSCSI mount and then copies the image to disk on each node. Direct deploy is an alternative method that writes disk images from a HTTP location directly to disk on bare metal nodes.

16.1. Configuring the direct deploy interface on the undercloud

The iSCSI deploy interface is the default deploy interface. However, you can enable the direct deploy interface to download an image from a HTTP location to the target disk.


Your overcloud node memory tmpfs must have at least 6GB of RAM.


  1. Create or modify a custom environment file /home/stack/undercloud_custom_env.yaml and specify the IronicDefaultDeployInterface.

      IronicDefaultDeployInterface: direct

    If you register your nodes with iscsi, you must retain the iscsi value in the IronicDefaultDeployInterface parameter:

      IronicDefaultDeployInterface: direct,iscsi
  2. Include the custom environment file in DEFAULT section of the undercloud.conf file.

    custom_env_files = /home/stack/undercloud_custom_env.yaml
  3. Perform the undercloud installation:

    $ openstack undercloud install

    Specify the deploy interface for a node:

    $ openstack baremetal node set <NODE> --deploy-interface direct