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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Chapter 1. Introducing OpenDaylight

1.1. What can I use OpenDaylight for?

OpenDaylight, hosted by the Linux Foundation, provides an open, modular, and flexible SDN platform. It comprises of a number of different projects that combine into a solution that meets the requirements of many different use cases.

To learn more about the OpenDaylight project, visit the OpenDaylight website.

Red Hat OpenDaylight focuses on network control and virtualization. OpenDaylight is co-engineered with the Red Hat OpenStack Platform and is a backend service for OpenStack Networking (neutron) to provide the networking infrastructure for your Red Hat OpenStack cloud.

Red Hat Telco Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) use cases are based on OpenDaylight as the governing network controller. For more information on NFV concepts, see the Network Functions Virtualization Product Guide.

1.2. Why use OpenDaylight with Red Hat OpenStack?

1.2.1. True SDN platform

OpenDaylight is a multi-protocol, modular, and extensible platform. The SDN controller approach is suitable for organizations with networking as the main business driver.

1.2.2. Standard-based with an open approach

OpenDaylight offers a model-driven approach to networking, which is based on public APIs, YANG modeling frameworks, and protocols such as RESTCONF and NETCONF.

OpenDaylight is a key component for customers who want to deploy a fully open-source solution and avoid possible vendor lock-in.

1.2.3. Enhanced Cloud Networking

OpenDaylight provides support for common OpenStack network virtualization requirements, and also ensures multi-tenancy, security, and isolation. The following features are some of the highlights of OpenDaylight:

  • Distributed L2 networking using VLANs or overlays (VXLAN)
  • Distributed L3 forwarding
  • Dynamic IP address assignment, with support for overlapping IPs across tenants
  • Security Groups (per VM Access Control Lists)
  • NAT and Floating IPs
  • VLAN Aware VMs (Neutron trunk ports)
  • IPv6
  • Support for OVS and DPDK-accelerated OVS (OVS-DPDK) data paths

1.2.4. Interaction with physical fabric

This version of Red Hat OpenDaylight within the Red Hat OpenStack Platform is still limited to virtual (overlay) network management only. Future versions will add support for physical (underlay) network control and management. This can provide customers with more capabilities, as well as with enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools across the end-to-end network path, virtual or physical.

1.2.5. SDN for NFVi

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that deploy NFV seek a robust and open-source SDN solution as part of the Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVi) layer. Red Hat OpenDaylight, with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, lays the foundation for NFV, with native support for OVS-DPDK, as well as co-existence with SR-IOV networking.