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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.6-0March 07 2019 
Revision of Chapter 6 for more detail on SR-IOV configuration.
Revision 1.5-0January 14 2019 
Sample templates are replaced with DPDK/SR-IOV with OVS/ML2
Revision 1.4-0August 23 2018 
Fixed parameter alignment for step 4 of `Configuring SR-IOV with OVS Hardware Offload with VLAN`.
Revision 1.3-0August 20 2018 
Added note about SKU requirement for RT-KVM repository.
Revision 1.2-0July 31 2018 
Updated network creation steps to use OSC parameters. Added description of BIOS settings.
Revision 1.1-0July 12 2018 
Added sample DPDK ODL yaml files and procedures.
Revision 1.0-0June 27 2018 
Initial version for Red Hat OpenStack 13 GA release. Includes procedures for RT-KVM and OVS HW offload. Supports ovs 2.9.