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Chapter 3. Upgrading the Undercloud

This process upgrades the undercloud and its overcloud images to Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.

3.1. Performing a minor update of an undercloud

The director provides commands to update the packages on the undercloud node. This allows you to perform a minor update within the current version of your OpenStack Platform environment.


  1. Log into the director as the stack user.
  2. Update the python-tripleoclient package and its dependencies to ensure you have the latest scripts for the minor version update:

    $ sudo yum update -y python-tripleoclient
  3. The director uses the openstack undercloud upgrade command to update the Undercloud environment. Run the command:

    $ openstack undercloud upgrade
  4. Wait until the undercloud upgrade process completes.
  5. Reboot the undercloud to update the operating system’s kernel and other system packages:

    $ sudo reboot
  6. Wait until the node boots.

3.2. Updating the overcloud images

You need to replace your current overcloud images with new versions. The new images ensure the director can introspect and provision your nodes using the latest version of OpenStack Platform software.


  • You have updated the undercloud to the latest version.


  1. Remove any existing images from the images directory on the stack user’s home (/home/stack/images):

    $ rm -rf ~/images/*
  2. Extract the archives:

    $ cd ~/images
    $ for i in /usr/share/rhosp-director-images/overcloud-full-latest-13.0.tar /usr/share/rhosp-director-images/ironic-python-agent-latest-13.0.tar; do tar -xvf $i; done
    $ cd ~
  3. On the undercloud node, source the undercloud credentials:

    $ source ~/stackrc
  4. Import the latest images into the director:

    $ openstack overcloud image upload --update-existing --image-path /home/stack/images/
  5. Configure your nodes to use the new images:

    $ openstack overcloud node configure $(openstack baremetal node list -c UUID -f value)
  6. Verify the existence of the new images:

    $ openstack image list
    $ ls -l /httpboot

When deploying overcloud nodes, ensure the overcloud image version corresponds to the respective heat template version. For example, only use the OpenStack Platform 13 images with the OpenStack Platform 13 heat templates.


The new overcloud-full image replaces the old overcloud-full image. If you made changes to the old image, you must repeat the changes in the new image, especially if you want to deploy new nodes in the future.

3.3. Undercloud Post-Upgrade Notes

  • If using a local set of core templates in your stack users home directory, ensure you update the templates using the recommended workflow in "Using Customized Core Heat Templates". You must update the local copy before upgrading the overcloud.

3.4. Next Steps

The undercloud upgrade is complete. You can now prepare the overcloud for the upgrade.