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Chapter 1. Introduction

The Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director is a toolset for installing and managing a complete OpenStack environment. It is based primarily on the OpenStack project TripleO (OpenStack-on-OpenStack). The Director’s primary objective is to fully orchestrate a functional, Enterprise-grade OpenStack deployment with minimal manual configuration. It helps address many of the issues inherent in manually configuring individual OpenStack components.

The end-result OpenStack deployment provided by the Director is called the Overcloud. The Overcloud houses all the components that provide services to end users, including Block Storage. This document provides guidance on how to deploy custom back ends to the Overcloud’s Block Storage service.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform supports several third-party services, devices, and applications for functions ranging from block storage back ends to data processing. This release allows you to configure the Block Storage service to use Google Cloud as a backup storage service. This Google Cloud integration is available in this release as a technology preview feature.


Technology Preview features are not fully supported by Red Hat. The deployment scenario described in this document should only be used for testing, and should not be deployed in a production environment.

For more information about Technology Preview features, see Scope of Coverage Details.

This document presents a test scenario where the Block Storage service on an overcloud deployment is configured to back up volumes to Google Cloud storage. This test scenario requires that:

  • The overcloud has already been deployed through director, per instructions in the Director Installation and Usage guide.
  • You have the username and password of an account with elevated privileges. You can use the same account that was created to deploy the overcloud; in the Director Installation and Usage guide, a user named stack is created for this purpose.
  • The Block Storage service is installed on the Controller node; or, as is the case in an HA deployment, on every Controller node.
  • You have a Google account with access to Google Cloud Platform. This account will be used by the Block Storage service to access and use Google Cloud for storing backups.