Chapter 1. Introduction

This document provides a workflow to help upgrade your Red Hat OpenStack Platform environment to the latest long life version.

1.1. Before you begin

Note the following:

  • If you originally deployed your Red Hat OpenStack Platform environment using version 7 or 8, be aware there is an issue involving an older version of the XFS file system that will hinder your upgrade path and deployment with containerized services. For more information about the issue and how to resolve it, see the following article:

1.2. Fast forward upgrades

Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides a fast forward upgrade feature. This feature provides an upgrade path through multiple versions of the overcloud. The goal is to provide users an opportunity to remain on certain OpenStack versions that are considered long life versions and upgrade when the next long life version is available.

This guide provides a fast forward upgrade path through the following versions:

Old VersionNew Version

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13

1.3. High level workflow

The following table provides an outline of the steps required for the fast forward upgrade process:


Preparing your environment

Perform a backup of the databases and configuration for the undercloud node and overcloud Controller nodes. Update to the latest minor release and reboot. Validate the environment.

Upgrading the undercloud

Upgrade to each sequential version of the undercloud from OpenStack Platform 10 to OpenStack Platform 13.

Obtaining container images

Create an environment file containing the locations of container images for various OpenStack services.

Preparing the overcloud

Perform relevant steps to transition your overcloud configuration files to OpenStack Platform 13.

Performing the fast forward upgrade

Upgrade the overcloud plan with the latest set of OpenStack Platform director templates. Run package and database upgrades through each sequential version so that the database schema is ready for the upgrade to OpenStack Platform 13.

Upgrading your Controller nodes

Upgrade all Controller nodes simultaneously to OpenStack Platform 13.

Upgrading your Compute nodes

Test the upgrade on selected Compute nodes. If the test succeeds, upgrade all Compute nodes.

Upgrading your Ceph Storage nodes

Upgrade all Ceph Storage nodes. This includes an upgrade to the containerized version of Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.

Finalize the upgrade

Run the convergence command to refresh your overcloud stack.

1.4. Before starting the upgrade

Apply any firmware updates to your hardware before performing the upgrade.