Chapter 4. Deploy the Configured Back End

The Director installation uses a non-root user to execute commands, which includes orchestrating the deployment of the Block Storage back end. In Creating a Director Installation User, a user named stack is created for this purpose. This user is configured with elevated privileges.

To deploy the lone back end configured in Chapter 3, Define a Single Back End, first log in as the stack user to the Undercloud. Then, deploy the back end (defined in the edited ~/templates/cinder-dellsc-config.yaml) by running the following:

$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates -e ~/templates/cinder-dellsc-config.yaml

If you passed any extra environment files when you created the overcloud, pass them again here using the -e option to avoid making undesired changes to the overcloud. For more information, see Modifying the Overcloud Environment (from Director Installation and Usage).

Once the Director completes the orchestration, test the back end. See Chapter 5, Test the Configured Back End for instructions.