Chapter 68. undercloud

This chapter describes the commands under the undercloud command.

68.1. undercloud backup

Backup the undercloud


openstack undercloud backup [--add-path ADD_PATH]
                                   [--exclude-path EXCLUDE_PATH]

Table 68.1. Optional Arguments


--exclude-path EXCLUDE_PATH

Exclude path when performing the undercloud backup, this option can be specified multiple times. Defaults to: none i.e. --exclude-path /this/is/a/folder/ --exclude-path /this/is/a/texfile.txt

--add-path ADD_PATH

Add additional files to backup. defaults to: /home/stack/ i.e. --add-path /this/is/a/folder/ --add- path /this/is/a/texfile.txt

68.2. undercloud deploy

Deploy Undercloud (experimental feature)


openstack undercloud deploy [--templates [TEMPLATES]] [--stack STACK]
                                   [--output-dir OUTPUT_DIR] [-t <TIMEOUT>]
                                   [-e <HEAT ENVIRONMENT FILE>]
                                   [--roles-file ROLES_FILE]
                                   [--heat-api-port <HEAT_API_PORT>]
                                   [--heat-user <HEAT_USER>]
                                   [--heat-container-image <HEAT_CONTAINER_IMAGE>]
                                   [--heat-native] [--local-ip <LOCAL_IP>]
                                   [--local-domain <LOCAL_DOMAIN>] [-k]

Table 68.2. Optional Arguments



Environment files to be passed to the heat stack- create or heat stack-update command. (Can be specified more than once.)

--templates [TEMPLATES]

The directory containing the heat templates to deploy

--local-domain <LOCAL_DOMAIN>

Local domain for undercloud and its api endpoints

-k, --keep-running

Keep the process running on failures for debugging

--roles-file ROLES_FILE, -r ROLES_FILE

Roles file, overrides the default roles_data_undercloud.yaml in the --templates directory

--local-ip <LOCAL_IP>

Local ip/cidr for undercloud traffic. required.

--heat-container-image <HEAT_CONTAINER_IMAGE>

The container image to use when launching the heat-all process. Defaults to: tripleomaster/centos-binary- heat-all

--stack STACK

Stack name to create

--output-dir OUTPUT_DIR

Directory to output state and ansible deployment files.

-t <TIMEOUT>, --timeout <TIMEOUT>

Deployment timeout in minutes.

--heat-api-port <HEAT_API_PORT>

Heat api port to use for the installers private heat API instance. Optional. Default: 8006.)


Execute the heat-all process natively on this host. This option requires that the heat-all binaries be installed locally on this machine. This option is enabled by default which means heat-all is executed on the host OS directly.

--heat-user <HEAT_USER>

User to execute the non-priveleged heat-all process. Defaults to heat.

68.3. undercloud install

Install and setup the undercloud


openstack undercloud install [--use-heat] [--no-validations]

Table 68.3. Optional Arguments



Perform undercloud deploy using heat


Do not perform undercloud configuration validations

68.4. undercloud upgrade

Upgrade undercloud


openstack undercloud upgrade [--use-heat] [--no-validations] [--force]

Table 68.4. Optional Arguments



Perform undercloud deploy using heat


Do not perform undercloud configuration validations


No to be used in normal update/upgrade! this helps getting out of an error loop when the overcloud is in error and it needs new code to work again.