Chapter 18. configuration

This chapter describes the commands under the configuration command.

18.1. configuration show

Display configuration details


openstack configuration show [-h] [-f {json,shell,table,value,yaml}]
                                    [-c COLUMN] [--max-width <integer>]
                                    [--fit-width] [--print-empty] [--noindent]
                                    [--prefix PREFIX] [--mask | --unmask]

Table 18.1. Table Formatter



Print empty table if there is no data to show.

--max-width <integer>

Maximum display width, <1 to disable. you can also use the CLIFF_MAX_TERM_WIDTH environment variable, but the parameter takes precedence.


Fit the table to the display width. implied if --max- width greater than 0. Set the environment variable CLIFF_FIT_WIDTH=1 to always enable

Table 18.2. Output Formatters


output formatter options-f {json,shell,table,value,yaml}, --format {json,shell,table,value,yaml}

The output format, defaults to table

-c COLUMN, --column COLUMN

Specify the column(s) to include, can be repeated

Table 18.3. JSON Formatter



Whether to disable indenting the json

Table 18.4. Optional Arguments


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit


Show password in clear text


Attempt to mask passwords (default)

Table 18.5. Shell Formatter


a format a UNIX shell can parse (variable="value")--prefix PREFIX

Add a prefix to all variable names