2.14. Operations Tooling

This section outlines the top new features for operations tooling.
SSL Support in the Monitoring Agent
You can now configure the Monitoring Agent (Sensu client) to connect to the RabbitMQ instance with SSL. To do this, you define the SSL connection parameters and certificates in the monitoring environment YAML file.
Integration with Red Hat Enterprise Common Logging
You can now use the Red Hat Enterprise Common Logging solution to collect logs from Red Hat OpenStack Platform. To do this, you configure the Log Collection Agent (Fluentd) to send the log files to the central logging collector.
Containerized Monitoring and Logging Tools
Some monitoring and logging tools are now provided in containers that you can deploy on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host with the Red Hat OpenStack director.
The following operation tools are now delivered in containers:
  • Availability monitoring (Sensu)
  • Performance monitoring (Collectd)
  • Log aggregation (Fluentd)