2.13. OpenStack Networking

This section outlines the top new features for the Networking service.
Native Open vSwitch Firewall Driver
The OVS firewall driver has graduated from Technology Preview to full support. The conntrack-based firewall driver can be used to implement Security Groups. With conntrack, Compute instances are connected directly to the integration bridge for a more simplified architecture and improved performance.
Layer-2 Gateway API
The Layer-2 Gateway is a service plugin which allows you to bridge networks together so they appear as a single L2 broadcast domain. This update introduces support for the Layer-2 Gateway API.
OpenStack Networking now supports BGPVPN capabilities. BGPVPN allows your instances to connect to your existing layer 3 VPN services. Once a BGPVPN network is created, you can associate it with a project, allowing the project's users to connect to the BGPVPN network.