2.9. Network Functions Virtualization

This section outlines the top new features for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
Easy Heterogeneous Cluster Management
Easy heterogeneous cluster management allows you to set different service parameter values to match varying node capabilities or tuning needs. For example, if node 1 had more RAM than node 2, you could not previously take advantage of the added RAM with two different Compute roles, since the service parameters were defined globally. You can now combine composable roles with role-specific parameters to define unique parameters that match the capabilities of different nodes or different tuning needs.
OpenDaylight (Technology Preview)
The OpenDaylight software-defined networking (SDN) controller is now integrated into Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
OVS-DPDK Ease of Deployment
The Red Hat OpenStack Platform simplifies OVS-DPDK deployments through a predefined Mistral workflow to auto generate OVS-DPDK parameters. You now need to decide on two simple parameters (the minimum number of CPU threads used for DPDK PMD, and the percent of available memory to reserve for Hugepages). Based on this information and the hardware introspection results of your bare-metal nodes, the workflow calculates the remaining eight OVS-DPDK parameters needed for your deployment.
NUMA Topology through Bare Metal Introspection
To ease deployment, you can now retrieve the NUMA topology details from Compute nodes with the Bare Metal hardware inspection service. The retrieved NUMA topology details include NUMA nodes, associated RAM, NICs, and physical CPU cores with sibling pairs.