2.2. Containers

This section outlines the introduction of containerization in Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
Containerized Overcloud
The Red Hat OpenStack Platform director now creates an overcloud consisting of containerized services. Users can implement the following sources for their container images:
  • Remote from registry.access.redhat.com
  • Locally from the undercloud (images initially pulled from registry.access.redhat.com)
  • Red Hat Satellite 6 (images synchronized from registry.access.redhat.com)
The overcloud continues to support composable service infrastructure using containers to augment existing services. Note that the only services not containerized by default are:
  • OpenStack Networking (neutron)
  • OpenStack Block Storage (cinder)
  • OpenStack Shared File Systems (Manila)
Red Hat provides the containers for these services as a technical preview only.
Containerized Upgrades
The Red Hat OpenStack Platform director provides an upgrade path from a non-containerized Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11 overcloud to containerized Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 overcloud.