3.3. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 Maintenance Release 28 March 2018

These release notes highlight technology preview items, recommended practices, known issues, and deprecated functionality to be taken into consideration when deploying this release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

3.3.1. Release Notes

This section outlines important details about the release, including recommended practices and notable changes to Red Hat OpenStack Platform. You must take this information into account to ensure the best possible outcomes for your deployment.
Due to the migration from puppet-ceph to ceph-ansible for the management of Ceph using Director, old puppet hieradata (such as ceph::profile::params::osds) needs to be migrated to the ceph-ansible format.

          Customizations for the Ceph deployment previously passed as hieradata from *ExtraConfig should be removed since they are ignored. Specifically, the deployment will stop if ceph::profile::params::osds is found to ensure the devices list has been migrated to the format expected by ceph-ansible. 

          Use the CephAnsibleExtraConfig and CephAnsibleDisksConfig parameters to pass arbitrary variables to ceph-ansible, such devices and dedicated_devices.

3.3.2. Known Issues

These known issues exist in Red Hat OpenStack Platform at this time:
There is currently a known issue where you cannot use ACLs to make a container public for anonymous access. This issue arises when sending `POST` operations to Swift that specify a '*' value in the `X-Container-Read` or `X-Container-Write` settings.