2.4. Block Storage

This section outlines the top new features for Block Storage.
Capacity-derived QoS Limits
Users can now use volume types to set deterministic IOPS throughput based on the size of provisioned volumes. This simplifies how storage resources are allocated to users -- namely, through pre-determined (and, ultimately, highly predictable) throughput rates based on requested volume size.
Veritas HyperScale Support
The Block Storage service now supports the HyperScale driver. HyperScale is a software-defined storage solution that uses a dual-plane architecture to decouple storage management tasks from workload processing at the Compute plane. This technique helps make efficient use of storage directly attached to Compute nodes, thereby minimizing total cost of ownership without compromising performance.
Veritas Hyperscale requires binaries, puppet modules, and Heat templates provided directly by Veritas. For an overview, see HyperScale for OpenStack; for deployment and usage documentation, see HyperScale for OpenStack guides for Linux.