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2.3. Compute

This section outlines the top new features for the Compute service.
Placement API Service
This release includes the placement API service. This service is a separate REST API stack and data model that tracks the inventory and usage of resource providers (Compute nodes).
You must deploy the placement API service after upgrading to the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 release but before upgrading to the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11 release. This is so the nova-compute service's resource tracker can populate the resource provider inventory and allocation information that the nova-scheduler service uses in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11.
VLAN Metadata Exposure
The SR-IOV physical function is now exposed to the guests by providing VLAN tags in the metadata. This feature expands the role tagging functionality of the devices that was introduced in previous releases.
The following example shows the possible metadata structure to illustrate how VLAN tags are passed through.
{"devices": [{
  "type": "nic",
  "bus": "pci",
  "address": "0000:00:02.0",
  "mac": "01:22:22:42:22:21",
  "tags": ["nfvfunc1"]
EC2 API Deployment and Configuration
OpenStack Compute now provides EC2 API support as a standalone service that consumes nova. The Red Hat OpenStack Platform director can now deploy this service.