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Chapter 2. Top New Features

This section provides an overview of the top new features in this release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

2.1. Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director

This section outlines the top new features for the director.
Composable Services Upgrades
Each composable service template now contains logic to upgrade the service across major releases. This provides a mechanism to accommodate upgrades through the custom role and composable service architecture.
Deployment on Pre-Provisioned Infrastructure
The director now configures Red Hat OpenStack Platform on existing systems running the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (for the initial release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11, this is version 7.3). This means you can provision systems outside the standard director tools but still use the director to configure these systems to run Red Hat OpenStack Platform while using the custom role and composable service architecture.
Support for Standalone Ironic Role
The director can now deploy OpenStack Bare Metal Provisioning (ironic) as a standalone role on the overcloud. In previous version, the Ironic role required inclusion on a Split Systemd Controller. Now you can deploy the role on its own.
Dynamic Ansible Inventory
The director now provides the tripleo-ansible-inventory command that generates an inventory of hosts in the environment. Use this for running Ansible automation tasks on groups of hosts.