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Chapter 3. Creating the Overcloud

The creation of an Overcloud that uses IPv6 networking requires additional arguments for the openstack overcloud deploy command. For example:

$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/network-isolation-v6.yaml -e /home/stack/templates/network-environment.yaml -e --control-scale 3 --compute-scale 3 --control-flavor control --compute-flavor compute --neutron-disable-tunneling --neutron-network-type vlan --neutron-tunnel-types vlan --neutron-network-vlan-ranges datacenter:1:1000 --ntp-server [ADDITIONAL OPTIONS]

The above command uses the following options:

  • --templates - Creates the Overcloud from the default Heat template collection.
  • -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/network-isolation-v6.yaml - Adds an additional environment file to the Overcloud deployment. In this case, it is an environment file that initializes network isolation configuration for IPv6.
  • -e /home/stack/templates/network-environment.yaml - Adds an additional environment file to the Overcloud deployment. In this case, it is the network environment file created previously.
  • --control-scale 3 - Scale the Controller nodes to three.
  • --compute-scale 3 - Scale the Compute nodes to three.
  • --control-flavor control - Use a specific flavor for the Controller nodes.
  • --compute-flavor compute - Use a specific flavor for the Compute nodes.
  • --neutron-disable-tunneling - Disables tunneling in the Overcloud. Tunneling is not supporting with IPv6. If using IPv4 for the Tenant network configuration and you aim to enable tunneling, do not include this option.
  • --neutron-network-type vlan - Sets the neutron networking type. Use VLAN mode if using IPv6 for Tenant networks. If using VXLAN, change the Tenant network to use IPv4. For more information, see Section 2.4.3, “Using a Hybrid IPv6/IPv4 Configuration”.
  • --neutron-network-vlan-ranges datacenter:1:1000 - Sets the mapping range for neutron to support.
  • --ntp-server - Sets our NTP server.

For a full list of options, run:

$ openstack help overcloud deploy

See also the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11 Director Installation and Usage guide for parameter examples.

The Overcloud creation process begins and the director provisions your nodes. This process takes some time to complete. To view the status of the Overcloud creation, open a separate terminal as the stack user and run:

$ source ~/stackrc
$ heat stack-list --show-nested

3.1. Accessing the Overcloud

The director generates a script to configure and help authenticate interactions with your Overcloud from the director host. The director saves this file (overcloudrc) in your stack user’s home directory. Run the following command to use this file:

$ source ~/overcloudrc

This loads the necessary environment variables to interact with your Overcloud from the director host’s CLI. To return to interacting with the director’s host, run the following command:

$ source ~/stackrc