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Chapter 2. The Admin Tab

The Admin tab provides an interface where administrative users can view usage and manage instances, volumes, flavors, images, projects, users, services, and quotas.


The Admin tab displays in the main window only if you have logged in as a user with administrative privileges.

Admin Tab

The following options are available in the Admin tab:

Table 2.1. System Panel

Parameter NameDescription


View basic reports.

Resource Usage

Use the following tabs to view the following usages:

  • Usage Report - View the usage report.
  • Stats - View the statistics of all resources.


View the hypervisor summary.

Host Aggregates

View, create, and edit host aggregates. View the list of availability zones.


View, pause, resume, suspend, migrate, soft or hard reboot, and delete running instances that belong to users of some, but not all, projects. Also, view the log for an instance or access an instance using the console.


View, create, edit, and delete volumes, and volume types.


View, create, edit, view extra specifications for, and delete flavors. Flavors are the virtual hardware templates in OpenStack.


View, create, edit properties for, and delete custom images.


View, create, edit properties for, and delete networks.


View, create, edit properties for, and delete routers.

Floating IPs

View allocated floating IP addresses for all projects.


View and edit the default quotas (maximum limits) for resources in the environment.

Metadata Definitions

Import, view, and edit metadata definition namespaces, and associate the metadata definitions with specific resource types.

System Information

Contains the following tabs:

  • Services - View a list of the services.
  • Compute Services - View a list of all Compute services.
  • Network Agents - View the network agents.
  • Block Storage Services - View a list of all Block Storage services.
  • Orchestration Services - View a list of all Orchestration services.

2.1. View Allocated Floating IP Addresses

You can use the Floating IPs panel to view a list of allocated floating IP addresses. This information can also be accessed using the command line:

$ nova list --all-tenants