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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Chapter 5. Customizing the Dashboard

The look and feel of the OpenStack dashboard can be customized using the settings defined in /openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/local/ You can customize the following elements of the dashboard:

  • HTML title
  • Site branding link
  • Help URL

In addition, you can create a custom theme and further customize the look and feel of the dashboard, including the following components:

  • Logo
  • Site colors
  • Stylesheets

The OpenStack dashboard installs a default theme. If you do not want to use this theme, remove it using the following commands:

# cd /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/enabled
# cp
# echo "DISABLED = True" >>
# systemctl restart httpd

For a director deployment, you will need to log in to each controller node as heat-admin to make the changes.

5.1. Logo, Site Colors, and Stylesheets

  1. Copy the entire RCUE theme directory /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/themes/rcue to a new location, for example /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/themes/mytheme.
  2. Create a new file /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings.d/ and add the following line:

    AVAILABLE_THEMES = [('mytheme', 'My Custom Theme', 'themes/mytheme')]
  3. Change all paths inside /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/themes/mytheme/static/ replacing rcue with the new mytheme name.

    To change a theme's colors, graphics, fonts, among others, edit the files in `/usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/themes/mytheme`.
  4. If you deployed OpenStack with High Availability, restart the httpd service using pacemaker:

    # pcs resource restart httpd-clone

    Otherwise, run:

    # systemctl restart httpd

To view your changes, reload your dashboard.

5.2. HTML Title

  1. To set the HTML title that appears at the top of the browser window, add the following line to

    SITE_BRANDING = "Example, Inc. Cloud"
  2. Restart the httpd server.

5.4. Help URL

  1. By default the help URL points to You can change the help URL by editing the following attribute to the URL of your choice in

    'help_url': "",
  2. Restart the httpd server.