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Chapter 5. Administering Bare Metal Nodes

This chapter describes how to provision a physical machine on an enrolled bare metal node. Instances can be launched either from the command line or from the OpenStack dashboard.

5.1. Launching an Instance Using the Command Line Interface

Use the openstack command line interface to deploy a bare metal instance.

Deploying an Instance on the Command Line

  1. Set up the shell to access Identity as the administrative user:

    $ source ~/overcloudrc
  2. Deploy the instance:

    $ openstack server create \
      --nic net-id=NETWORK_UUID \
      --flavor baremetal \
      --image IMAGE_UUID \

    Replace the following values:

    • Replace NETWORK_UUID with the unique identifier for the network that was created for use with the Bare Metal service.
    • Replace IMAGE_UUID with the unique identifier for the disk image that was uploaded to the Image service.
    • Replace INSTANCE_NAME with a name for the bare metal instance.
  3. Check the status of the instance:

    $ openstack server list --name INSTANCE_NAME

5.2. Launch an Instance Using the Dashboard

Use the dashboard graphical user interface to deploy a bare metal instance.

Deploying an Instance in the Dashboard

  1. Log in to the dashboard at http[s]://DASHBOARD_IP/dashboard.
  2. Click Project > Compute > Instances
  3. Click Launch Instance.

    • In the Details tab, specify the Instance Name and select 1 for Count.
    • In the Source tab, select an Image from Select Boot Source, then click the + (plus) symbol to select an operating system disk image. The chosen image will move to Allocated.
    • In the Flavor tab, select baremetal.
    • In the Networks tab, use the + (plus) and - (minus) buttons to move required networks from Available to Allocated. Ensure that the shared network created for the Bare Metal service is selected here.
  4. Click Launch Instance.