Chapter 6. Pass-Through Certification

A Pass-Through Certification refers to the ability of a third party system or component to be granted certification for hardware previously certified by the original hardware manufacturer. Pass-Through can reduce the overall amount of testing that is required to be performed and submitted to Red Hat to achieve certification for the third-party hardware.

Pass-Through is based on the original Partner understanding and controlling the nuanced variations of the hardware of the third-party. Partner’s confirm to Red Hat that the hardware of the third party is the same as demonstrated previously in the original certification.

System manufacturers can extend a certification granted to their systems to another vendor’s system where the original vendor:

  • has permission from the third party,
  • has the mechanics to ensure the third party does not alter the hardware in such a way that it would no longer be considered a subset of the original model certified by Red Hat, and
  • extends their responsibilities of support and representative hardware to include situations involving the third party hardware (refer to sections 1.2 and 1.3 of the Hardware Certification Agreement).

The third party cannot then extend their Pass-Through certification to another vendor.

While both vendors are required to be members of the Hardware Certification program, only the original vendor may request Pass-Through certifications. Vendors may also utilize the Pass-Through process where the same vendor has multiple names for the same hardware.