Chapter 1. Introduction

The Red Hat OpenStack Hardware (Bare Metal) Certification Policy Guide is intended for hardware vendors who want to certify their system hardware with Red Hat.

1.1. Audience

This guide describes the technical certification requirement for Partners who offer their own infrastructure hardware like system servers, or management controllers for use with Red Hat OpenStack Platform in a supported customer environment.

1.2. Creating Value for our Joint Customers

Red Hat OpenStack Platform Hardware Certification creates a value for customer as the system can be managed and automatically deployed and redeployed with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, without manual intervention.

The certification process, through a series of tests, validates that a certified solution meets the requirements of an enterprise cloud, and is jointly supported by Red Hat and your organization.

The Red Hat OpenStack Platform Hardware Certification program policy includes multiple tests each with a series of subtests and checks, which are explained in the document.