Chapter 4. Creating a RHOSP Application Certification

Following are the steps to create a RHOSP application certification from the Red Hat certification web user interface(UI):

  1. In your test server, launch Red Hat Certification web UI in a browser using the http://<machine-IP> link.
  2. Provide your Red Hat account credentials enabled for certification in the Username and Password fields. Click Login.
  3. Click the New Certification button.
  4. From the Product drop-down list, select Red Hat OpenStack Platform. The Version and Platform value gets generated automatically. However, you can select the version, platform and RHEL version fields according to your requirement. Click Next.
  5. Select the Vendor and Make items from the drop-down list. Click Next.
  6. Provide the following relevant information in the fields:

    1. In the Component field, select the component that you want to include for certification. The Install Guide field is a mandatory field.


      The Director Integration guide can be a text, URL, or a file.

    2. In the Director Integration field, choose Yes or No.
    3. If the Director Integration is selected as Yes, select the type of Director Template, and provide the details in the Director Instructions field.
  7. Click Next.


    In case of VNF application select certification-vnf-component from the drop down list. Below steps are VNF certification specific only.

  8. Choose the operating system from the given options. If your operating system is not in the given option, choose the option Other and type the name of the operating system in the required text field.
  9. Click the Choose File to upload the Testing Configuration Report. An alert will notify once the report gets uploaded successfully. Click Create.


    See, section 4.4 VNF Testing Configuration Report in Red Hat OpenStack Application Policy Guide for the configuration information that is required in the VNF test report. Optionally, you can also upload the the Testing Configuration Report from the Product Details tab once the RHOSP application certification test plan is created.

    The RHOSP test plan is created for the certification testing.

  10. In the Certification section the Progress tab displays the tests that has to be executed to generate the RHOSP application certification.

The following screenshot illustrates a certification test plan for VNF:

Figure 4.1. VNF Test Plan

VNF Test