Chapter 5. Certification Workflow Overview

The following diagram represents the entire OpenStack Certification workflow along with the roles & responsibilities of Red Hat and the Partners.

Figure 5.1. Certification Workflow Overview

Certification Workflow Overview

5.1. Creating a Certification Request

To create a new certification request, complete the following steps:

  1. In your test server, launch Red Hat Certification web user interface in a browser using the http://<machine-IP> link.
  2. Type your Red Hat account credentials previously enabled for certification in the Username and Password fields. Click Login.
  3. Click the New Certification button. This will take you to Choose the Red Hat Certification web page.
  4. From the Product drop-down list, select Red Hat OpenStack Platform Plugin. The Version and Platform value gets generated automatically. However, partners can select the version, platform and RHEL version fields according to their requirement. Click Next . This will take you to Choose the product to be certified web page.
  5. Select the Vendor and Make items from the drop-down list. Click Next. This will take you to Common Questions web page.
  6. Provide the following relevant information in the fields:

    1. In the Component field, select the component that you want to include for certification. The Install Guide field is a mandatory field.


      The Director Integration guide can be a text, URL, or a file.

    2. In the Director Integration field, choose Yes or No.
    3. If the Director Integration is selected as Yes, select the type of Director Template, and provide the details in the Director Instructions field.
  7. Click Next.
  8. This will take you to Create Red Hat OpenStack Platform Certification web page. Select the protocols and features compatible with your plugin. Click Create.
  9. A notification of the requested OpenStack certification gets displayed.

The information which you provide in the Product Name and the Public Catalog URL fields is used by customers in locating the certified product entry (after a successful certification) on Red Hat OpenStack Certification Ecosystem Page.