Chapter 7. Cinder

The Cinder test is only applicable to OpenStack products/components that implement OpenStack features for the OpenStack Block Storage service. For more information, see Section 2.1, “Products Implementing Openstack APIs”

The test covers OpenStack Block Storage-component feature testing, which includes basic and operational functional testing using the Tempest Framework that is integrated in the RHOSP.

7.1. Cinder Test

Based on the solutions provided by Partners, RHT will define a test plan in RH-cert web UI along with the test(s) that Partners needs to perform. The Cinder tests execute selected feature test(s) and, checks the plugin/driver functionality.The cinder test includes and supports the following features:

  • cinder_volumes

It is imperative to perform cinder_volume test. The test will check if all the base functionality of associated actions with cinder such as volume actions, snapshots, boot, volume migrate, encryption, and clone are working, as well it will check plugin driver functionalities are working.

Success Criteria

All the driver functionalities mentioned are working for the tested drivers.

  • cinder_consistency_groups

    To ensure data consistency across different consistency group and disaster recovery, this test needs to be performed. This test needs to be effectuate only when consistency group is implemented in Partner solution. It will take multiple volume snapshot of the consistency group at the same time, and will also check all the actions related to consistency group work properly if vendor driver implements same features.

    Following actions of consistency groups are tested:

    • Creating and deleting consistency groups
    • Creating and deleting consistency groups snapshot
    • Creating a new consistency group from existing consistency group snapshot

Success Criteria

All the functions related to consistency groups are working which ensures data protection, data consistency and disaster recovery across consistency groups.

  • cinder_backups

    Performing this test will take backup of existing block storage volumes, by which backup can be restored, using the associated database information available in the Block Storage database.

    Following actions of backup feature are tested:

    • Creating and restoring a backup from existing volume
    • Testing the incremental backup and
    • Taking backup of a volume snapshot

Success Criteria

Performing backup for existing volume and creating snapshot of the complete backup volume.

  • cinder_multi-attach_volume

    The multi-attach_volume allows you to attach and access a single block storage volume to multiple hosts or servers. The cinder_multi-attach_volume test checks for the expected behavior of the multi-attach volume by incorporating the following tests:

    • Boot from multi-attach volume
    • Resize server with multi-attach volume
    • List volume attachment for multi-attach volume
    • Snapshot from backed multi-attach volume
    • Attach/Detach volume selved or offload server
    • Delete attached multi-attach volume
    • Attach multi-attach same or different server

Success Criteria

The ability to attach a volume to multiple hosts/servers simultaneously is expected in following scenarios:

  • active/active mode
  • active/standby mode