Chapter 2. Getting Help and Giving Feedback

If you experience difficulty with a procedure described in this documentation, Open a Support Case in the Customer Portal.

The Customer Portal offers the following services and information:

  • Search or browse through technical support articles and solutions pertaining to Red Hat products
  • Submit a support case to Red Hat Global Support Services (GSS), and
  • Access product documentation

Personal emails are not tracked as a support mechanism and do not include a Response Time or Service Level Agreement.

Questions During Certification

During the certification process, you may need to ask or reply to a question about topics which affect a specific certification. These questions and responses are recorded in the Additional Comments section of the Dialog Tab of the certification entry.


It is not within the scope of the certification workflow to resolve product defect and/or compatibility issues identified during testing. These issues can block a certification and might require resolution before the certification can proceed. Resolving these issues should be accomplish through your Engineering Partner Manager or other engineering engagements.

We Need Feedback!

If you see a way to make this guide better, or if you think of a way to improve the certification workflow, or program, we would love to hear from you! Submit a bug in Bugzilla. Try to be as specific as possible; include the section number and some of the surrounding text.