Chapter 10. Sahara

The openstack/sahara test is only applicable to OpenStack products/components that implement OpenStack APIs for OpenStack Data Processing service. For more information, see, Section 2.1, “Products Implementing Openstack APIs”

10.1. Sahara Test

These test covers OpenStack data processing-component feature testing, which includes basic and operational functional testing using the Tempest framework that is integrated in the RHOSP.

Based on the solutions and list of supported APIs/extensions provided by Partners, RHT will define a test plan in RH-cert web UI along with the test(s) that Partners needs to perform. The sahara_{api_group} tests execute data processing component selected feature test(s), and checks the plugin/driver functionality. For more information on the API groups, see the OpenStack Data Processing API Reference Guide. Partners must select the APIs/extensions supported by the plugin/driver from the following list of API groups supported by sahara_{api_group} test:

  • Plugins
  • Node-group-templates
  • Cluster-templates
  • Clusters
  • Data-sources
  • Job-binary-internals
  • Job-binaries
  • Jobs

Success Criteria

The functional (Tempest) tests associated with the API groups selected by the Partner are successful.