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Chapter 6. Issues on Microsoft Windows

This section describes Red Hat OpenShift Local issues that affect users on a Microsoft Windows host.

6.1. The crc setup command must be run following installation with the MSI installer

After installing Red Hat OpenShift Local with the MSI installer and rebooting your computer, ensure you run the crc setup command in Command Prompt or PowerShell to complete the installation.

6.2. The crc cleanup command may fail with a permission error

Running crc setup followed by crc cleanup without restarting your host machine between commands will cause crc cleanup to report the following error:

Post "http://unix/clean": open \\.\pipe\crc-admin-helper: Access is denied.

To complete the crc cleanup command, restart your host machine and run the command again.

6.3. Unexpected behavior when run outside of %WINDRIVE%

The Hyper-V driver will fail when the crc binary is executed from a network drive. The crc binary must be placed in a location on %WINDRIVE%. %WINDRIVE% is normally set to C:\.

6.4. Red Hat OpenShift Local expects FullLanguage support in PowerShell

The ConstrainedLanguage PowerShell mode is supported with exceptions determined by your system administrator.

6.5. The crc oc-env command does not work with special characters in %PATH%

On Microsoft Windows, PowerShell and Command Prompt do not use the UTF-8 encoding. As a result, running the crc oc-env command with special characters present in the %PATH% will not accurately encode UTF-8 characters. There is no known workaround for this issue.

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