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Chapter 3. Changes and improvements

This section highlights some of the notable changes introduced in Red Hat OpenShift Local 2.5.

3.1. New features

  • Red Hat OpenShift Local brings a minimal, preconfigured OpenShift Container Platform 4 cluster or Podman container runtime to your local laptop or desktop computer for development and testing purposes. Red Hat OpenShift Local is delivered as a Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machine that supports native hypervisors for Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows 10.

    • Red Hat OpenShift Local is designed for local development and testing on an OpenShift 4 cluster or Podman container runtime. To run an OpenShift 3 cluster locally, see Red Hat Container Development Kit.

3.1.1. Technology Previews

Support for these features falls under the Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Local 2.5 includes the ability to create a custom bundle based on the currently running cluster with the crc bundle generate command. This command, its parameters, and behavior may change in incompatible ways in future releases.

3.2. Notable changes

  • Red Hat OpenShift Local 2.5 provides OpenShift Container Platform 4.10.18 as the embedded OpenShift version.
  • The Podman container runtime preset is now supported on the ARM-based M1 architecture. On macOS, ensure that you delete an existing Red Hat OpenShift Local instance before running the crc start command when upgrading from a previous version of Red Hat OpenShift Local.